We wanted to share a few quotes from our teachers on how the students have been responding this year to our wonderful Leader In Me program. We hope you have seen the benefit with your own children at home and in social situations. We would love to hear your stories how your child is using the 7 Habits at home!

“Fifth graders are taking ownership of their responsibilities with the implementation of leadership roles in class. Our students use the 7 habits language more often and are able to recognize which habits are a strength for them and which habits they still need to improve in.”

~5th grade

"First graders are owning the language of LIM and using it in conversations with each other. They are finding ways to step up and be leaders in the classroom. Our first graders also point out the 7 Habits in our lessons. Students are recognizing the benefits of synergy during cooperative learning times."

~1st grade

“The Leader in Me has helped our students see that they are all leaders - they are all good at different things. By using the habits they have been able to see they are part of something bigger than themselves and show better teamwork. Using the 7 Habits language they remind one another to "synergize", or ask if that is a "win-win" solution, etc. It has given them tools to be better students and citizens.”

~4th grade

Because my students are using the 7 Habits, they are taking ownership of their learning by setting goals, making plans, cooperating with one another and working hard.  Many are finding that they are surpassing their goals.  --2nd grade

When I am out, the classroom continues to be student-driven.  Students synergize by choosing a lesson to  lead instruction and help each other learn instead of the substitute leading instruction.  They own the classroom and their learning!  --2nd grade, Wyman’s Class

Implementing the 7 Habits and The Leader in Me has made my students more conscious of what they are learning.  They have taken ownership and responsibility for their learning.  Learning is no longer something that "happens to them."  They know they have to be ready to learn by getting enough rest and eating healthy foods (Sharpening the Saw).  They know their schoolwork is important so they Put First Things First and make good choices about getting work completed.  They are setting worthy goals, both daily and long term (Begin with the End in Mind), and working hard to meet those goals. This probably would have never happened if not for TLiM.  Thanks!
Pennie DeMoss